Tulsa Area Screen Co.

Phantom Screens do it all, and then disappear.

About Tulsa Area Screens

Keeping Tulsans Cool Since 2006

Tulsa Area Screen Co LLC has been providing quality retractable screen products for homes and businesses since 2006. The owner/operator and familiar face of Tulsa Area Screen Co is Heidi Roy. Heidi has been representing retractable screen products for almost 16 years. She understands the products and what customers desire for the look and feel of their homes and businesses. Our company can offer options that will fit your needs and accomplish what you desire for your space.

Retractable screens offer insect control for your doors, windows, and large outdoor living patio spaces. Retractable screens can also protect your home or business from harmful sun and reduce the heat gain and glare in your space, as well as help insulate your outdoor space from the cold wind and make it more comfortable according to the season and your preferences.

Tulsa Area Screen Co specializes in only retractable products that are low profile, compact, and roll up out of sight when not in use. We offer manual and motorized operated screens for your home’s needs.

Benefits of Our Screens and Shades

The concept of a screen that rolls up into a canister has been around for many years. However, some of the benefits this product offers are just now being fully realized. Let’s look at a few of them:

Our Service Standards

Tulsa Area Screen Co is committed to providing the best possible service and attention before and after your purchase. At all times, we are committed to following these service guidelines. We promise to: